22 September 2008

Lihai Sikit Artikel

english language is a difficult lingual to studied. but, I try to gain control it, because, English language is momentous in all job over the world. all company necessitates for the all their employee can use english language well oral and also writing

how study english with every consideration and truth that we can utilize it correctly??

the first, we shall add our vocabulary knowledge in english. by we shall often open dictionary, then learns by heart therewith that word its mean.

secondly, we shall often use that english in day-to-day life. with that, we will habitually utter english.

the third, we may get studying with other people smarter one, one of it by follows english course.

one that as my question, why is english for me is difficult thing, eventually I have done the all of item above..

I don’t know, maybe I shall more a lot of studying again.. or.. maybe I less or serious to study it..

May my friends there is that can give me tips or advice, that I can more interest to study english..

Or maybe do someway to study squashy english language and fast??

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2 komentar:

santisafari said...

to study english, we need 3 step :

1. Loves it. We cannot learn without our heart. mind follow our heart. (he..he..)

2. Was used to it. Practice & Practice. Cayo !!

3. Learn it from the easy thing. Step by step.(Rasulullah SAW said to me like that ..)

hope those steps could help u.

santisafari said...

u can open this web to practice